The Enneagram is a powerful personality-based tool that helps us to understand the core motivators that guide our patterns of thought, feelings, and actions. Rooted in psychology, The Enneagram “maps” the psychic structure of each of the nine personality types and the shifts each type undergoes during periods of stress or growth.

The Enneagram reaches far beyond traditional archetypes to explore our common threads and the fascinating nuances that make us unique. It exposes the movement of the ego and translates the internal language of each personality into something that can be more easily understood.

The Nine Personality Types

Although each personality type is incredibly unique, each has been given a name that attempts to describe its overall characteristics. And while any personality type can ACT like any other, each person is born with a dominant personality type that ultimately guides how they experience the world.

The Enneagram is highly nuanced and these titles are only the beginning.
Enneagram Chart