Decision Intelligence & Leadership Development for the Age of AI


Progressive Investors

By helping VCs to more quickly and efficiently develop and vet founders, intelligence officers provide modernized strategies that protect and advance portfolio companies. I work primarily with funds that are not only looking for innovative technology but are willing to invest in innovating the way portfolios succeed.

Original Thinking Executives

By devising new decision-making methodologies, intelligence officers generate powerful retention and growth advantages by innovating human capital strategy. I create brand-new leadership strategies that focus on sophisticated knowledge-share, analysis skills, prevention, communication, and inter-organizational integration where information falls through the cracks.


By realistically engaging the issues of our time, I help evolve human and business systems. As a thought leader in the process of innovation, corporate intelligence & human capital, I challenge leaders to rethink the way we build companies, the way we transact with one another, and how we leverage authentic brand identity.


My passion and expertise merge technology with human experience. While my diverse background runs the gamut from award-winning documentary filmmaker to starting the fourth Blockchain exclusive venture capital fund, my core focus has always been on the human element and how the world experiences the art and technology humans create.

As an advisor and coach to artists, tech entrepreneurs, and a consultant to VC funds, I help to reshape both the way leaders think about competitive advantages, and also how they locate and leverage intelligence. Forward-thinking leaders (executives and investors alike) engage my services when they are fortifying and advancing a team, portfolio, or brand.

Being committed to how transformational our technology can be, I bring the crossroads of my experience in media, venture capital, art, innovation, and people, together to support a more excellent and powerful future ecosystem.

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