About Ni’coel Stark

Intelligence Officer / Strategy

I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in.

Bill Gates


In order to create the best strategies, we must start with the best intelligence. Locating the highest quality intelligence is my first priority, which requires more sophisticated discovery, communication, and knowledge share. More specifically, I help individuals and companies learn how to locate and leverage intelligence that is not easy to measure.

We often over-prioritize that which can be measured at the expense of that which we do not. As important as measurable intelligence is, typically the most powerful intelligence is that which we are not measuring, and perhaps should not measure. For example, the intelligence around an organization’s social and political realities. The most important and far-reaching decisions are usually made within social and political forces, and not with specific data.

We also cannot easily measure prevention. Extensive variables and proofs of exact outcomes are difficult to measure. Even though we all know that prevention is the most powerful strategic effort, we do not invest in prevention or much of anything that requires multiple points of integration or a more complex strategy, because it is less measurable. These are a few examples of critical intelligence that are left mostly uncaptured. So what if instead, we did capture this intelligence and used it to reduce downsides and compound upsides, and what if this kind of activation created greater short term and long term efficiencies? What if all relevant intelligence was integrated into existing strategies and frameworks that created altogether new advantages increasing success? This is the beginning of my work.

Individuals are also a primary source of intelligence and how they naturally perceive, collect, and activate intelligence can support company goals in all kinds of surprising ways. I understand people by investigating their core personal operating systems. I use a variety of tools and techniques to help me identify the personality types at hand. And I use my years of accumulated knowledge, insights, and professional background to gain a deeper understanding of how each personality type experiences various situations — both on their own and within the context of the other personality types they work with. My principal personality tool is the Enneagram. This intelligence provides additional data points and salience to potential risks, natural synergies, and is a springboard of information from which to layer into strategic efforts.


After locating the highest quality and less visible intelligence, I put that intelligence to work by designing individual, organizational, and operational strategies. These strategic designs occur at every level of the company and are created from a partnership with each individual. They are iterative and ongoing. I help individuals and companies learn how to activate multiple strategies simultaneously and also help companies learn how to integrate instead of compartmentalizing strategies. We are trained to compartmentalize as it is more efficient at the moment to focus. However, when we over-compartmentalize, we create more problems than we solve because operational and functional reality is not strictly compartmentalized.


I offer 20 years in business strategy, strategic alliances, people due diligence, human capital, customer/audience/brand building, humanizing technology, blockchain, and decentralized applications. I purchased my first bitcoin in 2012 and created the fourth blockchain exclusive VC fund in 2014.


To modernize the way we navigate the business of intelligence and business of people, not just the business of products and services.


To boldly transform the way the world does business. To inspire innovation in strategic intelligence as a way to increase brand success.