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Decision Intelligence Coach, and Enneagram Expert    <<


In an increasingly speed-up and uncertain world with more anxiety, isolation, quiet quitting, retention, and mental health issues, human capital requires more of our priority. I support every employee, not just the executive team, by offering leadership coaching that addresses these factors in an individual way: according to each person’s particular mastery, circumstance, and stress responses.






“Ni’coel was a highly valuable, strategic partner for me. Together, we developed strategies to overcome blockers, approach key initiatives, and ultimately drive value for the business, it’s customers, and personal growth for myself. It was magical to discuss a strategy for overcoming a blocker, apply it in practice, and see the results unfold as prophesied.

Ni’coel’s style combines her innate ability to understand, connect with, and deliver tailored strategies to people. I recommend her to any organization interested in providing their employees with such a resource.”

"Ni'coel taught me how to rise up out of the weeds and measure my response within the context of a far greater landscape. I now see the social and political factors underlying the business world from a holistic vantage point and am able to leverage them as opportunities to build strategies that succeed."