Improve Team Dynamics

When your success is driven by a small team, even a small issue can translate into a large expense… or lost revenue. Resolving conflict at its core and managing diverse personalities effectively can develop a more productive, profitable, and enjoyable company culture.

I use intelligent personality tools and natural insight to arm managers and team members with the specific people skills and solutions they need to attain stronger results with less friction.

Personality Issues Often Look Like This

  • I am frustrated with my partner / co-founder / team member
  • I hired someone who isn’t working out, but I don’t feel like I can fire them
  • Some team members are wasting time / taking advantage of company freedoms
  • One of my team members is disrupting the rest

But They Can Also Look Like This

  • My team is stepping on each others’ toes and duplicating efforts
  • My team takes too long to produce the results I expect
  • My team is not solving problems like I wish they would
  • My team is distracted / arguing / burnt out
  • My team is not planning ahead
  • My team is not anticipating potential problems or opportunities

A Synchronized Team…

  • Is more profitable
  • Collaborates instead of competes
  • Optimizes strengths and works smarter
  • Motivates one another and enjoys each others’ company
  • Is more proactive than reactive
  • Overcomes obstacles more efficiently
  • Tackles uncomfortable conversations or situations more easily
  • Accomplishes more with less
  • Experiences fewer growing pains
  • Has more time to celebrate success

Raw talent can only get you so far in my line of work, and the way we interact with each other can literally mean the difference between life and death. Ni’coel has an uncanny ability to grasp the dynamics of group behavior and has taught me the power of understanding why individuals act as they do. This understanding has made me a stronger leader and a more effective team member.

JD Hertzel

F35 Fighter Pilot, US Air Force