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Current Reality: Very Little Innovation in Portfolio Selection and Management

As venture prides itself in sitting at the vector of innovation, it has yet to truly activate innovative intelligence that provides any significant advantage for funds themselves. Funds are still slow to respond to the intensity and speed of change. I offer new intelligence and antifragile strategies to provide investors an unfair advantage in a vertical that has become noisy and is continuously evolving.

With increasingly more access to money, innovators find themselves with more specific needs, less attention, and, if we’re being honest, less trust in venture capitalists who may be less familiar with the specific challenges or have less understanding within uncertain economic times. More than ever, founders are able to pick and choose the money they’d prefer working with.

Opportunity:  Innovation That Increases Upside and Decreases Risk

As an early investor in the blockchain space, I found myself spending as much time as possible with innovators, meeting with their teams, exploring their use cases, and ideating new outlets for their technology.

Inspired by the endless avenues for decentralized technology and the passion and talent within the space, I now focus entirely on being an innovation tool for founders (deliberately eschewing all other VC activities) in order to provide and sustain competitive advantages for their success and to amplify their potential.

Those who engage founders early, repeatedly, and authentically reap the dividends. Advising and building trust with entrepreneurs from the very beginning allows them more creative space and backup to exceed expectations. My uncommon position allows me – and by extension, you – access to founders in new ways, that add unique value that other portfolios do not have.

I support VC efforts by innovating portfolio selection and management while minimizing the distracting, time-robbing clutter of existing standards and tools.

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Ni’coel has been instrumental in understanding the best ways to allocate, communicate with and guide human capital. She assesses personalities, foresees points of stress, and through her original insight, creates more effective company strategies. She reduced our downsides and uncovered our blind spots.

Sam O. Yilmaz

General Partner for VC fund - Chief Operating Officer