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Current Reality: Every Company is Operating Under the Same Rules

Business culture is overly consumed with our products and services and misses major opportunities for multiple innovations that add advanced synergies. We become myopic and live more into our stress responses than we do into locating and leveraging existing and original assets.

Problem is, you’re consumed with fundraising, putting out fires, developing the core technology, and growing your primary audience. Exploring potentially innovative strategic opportunities to scale beyond the obvious use cases and models require abnormal access to intelligence, creative thinking, deep knowledge share, and an unusual desire to create new systems that do not yet exist, not to mention the time and focus to nurture these new ideas and relationships.

Opportunity: Gain an Unfair Advantage

As an early investor and relentless champion of decentralized and glass-breaking innovations, I’ve spent the time connecting the dots and mapping core systemic breakdowns that exist in companies in order to address multiple sources of disintegration that we have come to accept as standard. I work closely with company MVPs to acquire a matrix of knowledge of your current capabilities in order to locate and activate existing and new intelligence that is not being employed. 

I leverage my domain acumen, design thinking, war-room strategy, and broadband instincts to generate more sophisticated and altogether new intelligence structures in order to ultimately provide more resilient and sustainable advantages that not only reduce points of failure and operational pain, but that ultimately attract and retain investors, new customers, high-value employees, and set your brand way apart from the rest.

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Leveraging her personality-based strategies, Ni’coel consistently showed me alternate paths I wouldn’t have found on my own and I can’t tell you the amount of conflict she’s helped me to avoid

One key result is that I now make decisions with far more clarity in every aspect of my life — decisions about how I engage with the people around me, as well as the situations I’m confronted with on a daily basis. 

I have grown tremendously as a person and a leader, and literally wouldn’t be where I am today if not for Ni’coel.

Sheryl Ryan

Founder & Chief Operating Officer