Funded Startups

Seeking Synergistic Partnerships

Current Reality: No Time to Find & Nurture Strategic Partners

Hiring a full-time biz dev person isn’t always necessary or feasible, but you’re at the stage where you need to start extending your reach in new directions. Or at least start exploring the possibilities, so you can showcase the opportunities to potential investors.

Problem is, your consumed with fundraising, putting out fires, developing the core technology, and growing your primary audience. Exploring potentially innovative partnerships and strategic opportunities to scale beyond the obvious use cases and verticals require a healthy Rolodex, copious networking, creative thinking, and deep industry knowledge, not to mention the time and focus to nurture these new ideas and relationships.

Opportunity: Gain an Unfair Advantage

As an early investor and relentless champion of decentralized technology, I’ve built meaningful relationships with innovators across and beyond the blockchain space. I work closely with funded startups to acquire a deep understanding of your current capabilities and use cases, while exploring creative new outlets for your technology.

I leverage my domain acumen, networking savvy, and honed instincts to match funded blockchain startups with potential revenue-generating partners that may not be on your radar, in order to ultimately help you to attract investors and/or new customers.

Ni’coel has been a tremendous resource and advocate for my production company. For more than a decade she has helped me to build more productive relationships with my clients, donors and production teams, and to guide me in resolving uncomfortable conflicts when they arise. Most recently, Ni’coel helped me to tactfully avoid a toxic partnership that I may have otherwise entered into, and her strategic advise has been invaluable.

Leah Warshawski

Impact Producer, Inflatable Film